New Lightroom to WordPress plug-in

A couple of weeks ago the blog announced a new plug-in that allows users to publish their photos in Lightroom directly to their (or connected) blogs. I tried it out.

This is a Lightroom plug-in, not a WordPress plug-in and it couldn’t be more simple. Download the plug-in and install; sign in with your user/pass and the plug-in will allow you to post to any of your (or connected) sites. To use it, export images as usual but select WordPress as the destination. That’s it. I’ve used it for about a week and, so far, had no problems with it.

New Lightroom Makes Publishing Your Photos Easy — The Blog

Capturing with the Insiders

Jaime Flores talking about photographing architecture and street scenes

Yesterday, I got to speak at The Social Media Insiders: Capture with Me Workshop. I covered phone photography for social media and blogs. Thank you to organizers, Giselle Rivera-Flores and Jaime Flores (In the photo: Jaime  talks street / architecture photography).  Thank you also to Figs & Pigs Kitchen in Worcester,  our wonderful host – great food, seriously. If you’re in Worcester, MA, you should go.

Here are the apps I talked about and a few I didn’t have time to mention but are worth a look.

My go-to apps

Other apps I like

The Reindeer