New work: LIFT video

LIFT (Living in Freedom Together) from claudia snell on Vimeo.

Videography / Editing: Jason Snell
Producer: Claudia Snell

Healing with Hope and Dignity

Living in Freedom Together is a 501(c)(3) non profit located in Worcester, MA. LIFT is survivor led with the mission to provide resources, advocacy and support to empower individuals to exit and recover from the impacts of commercial sexual exploitation. A grant from USA today would allow us to expand critical resources for these women as well as assist in re-entry services for women looking to exit commercial sexual exploitation.

If you would like to help LIFT, please vote for them to win a grant from USA Today. (voting closes May 12, 2017)

Capturing with the Insiders

Jaime Flores talking about photographing architecture and street scenes

Yesterday, I got to speak at The Social Media Insiders: Capture with Me Workshop. I covered phone photography for social media and blogs. Thank you to organizers, Giselle Rivera-Flores and Jaime Flores (In the photo: Jaime  talks street / architecture photography).  Thank you also to Figs & Pigs Kitchen in Worcester,  our wonderful host – great food, seriously. If you’re in Worcester, MA, you should go.

Here are the apps I talked about and a few I didn’t have time to mention but are worth a look.

My go-to apps

Other apps I like

The Reindeer

George Street Challenge 2016

Event photo and video coverage for the George Street Challenge, July 24, 2016. Worcester, Massachusetts.

Photos: Claudia Snell

George Street Challenge 2016 from claudia snell on Vimeo.

Videography: Jason Snell and Claudia Snell
Video Editing: Claudia Snell

The George Street Challenge is an uphill time trial — distance of 500 feet, average grade 18 percent.

Information about the event and results of the timings.
Full set of photos on Flickr.