The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show

Last Monday I got to drop in on The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show at Ralph’s Rock Diner and get some practice shooting photos in challenging light.

I started off with my 50mm lens but found it wasn’t working for me so I switched to my 14mm and am glad I did. I’m pleased with this set because I feel was able to successfully capture the spirit and mood of the show.

I posted the set in color on my Flickr account if you’d like to see those.

x.16 two

Week 2 of the photo challenge was “landscape”. It’s winter here in New England so it’s very cold out but we haven’t had much snow so everything is very gray or brown. I usually head to the woods to do nature photos or landscapes but today I decided to go to Airport Hill on the Worcester / Leicester line. I thought I might best be able to capture how today felt from up there.

Shot with Nikon D7000 | 14mm ISO 640 f/22 1/160 sec
Shot with Nikon D7000 | ISO 640 14mm f/2.8 1/1000 sec
Nikon D7000 | ISO 640 14mm f/22 1/125sec
Nikon D7000 | ISO 640 14mm f/22 1/125 sec