Film: Trinity

Last Wednesday, I headed over to Nick’s to see a screening of Trinity. Trinity is the first feature-length film by my friend and Massachusetts filmmaker, Skip Shea.

Trinity is an intense emotional / psychological horror film. It’s the story of Michael, a grown survivor of childhood abuse by a priest, who is confronted with the past when he encounters his abuser.

Trinity is based on events in Shea’s life.  He did an excellent job of taking on this deeply personal story without it becoming shallow, overwrought or gimmicky – all of which are common with films like this. Skip used  a non-linear format, nightmare dissociative sequences, pace and the soundtrack very effectively to create a disorienting and terrifying world without losing the audience.

About Trinity

Trailer to the feature-length film Trinity written and directed by Skip Shea starring Sean Carmichael, David Graziano, Beatrice Di Giovanni, Aurora Grabill with Lynn Lowry. Co-starring Izzy Lee, Diana Porter and Tiziana Guarini. Director of Photography by Nolan Yee. Score by Steven Lanning-Cafaro. Produced by Stacy Buchanan, Jessica Barnthouse and Skip Shea.

Trinity Trailer from Skip Shea on Vimeo.

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