Capturing with the Insiders

Jaime Flores talking about photographing architecture and street scenes

Yesterday, I got to speak at The Social Media Insiders: Capture with Me Workshop. I covered phone photography for social media and blogs. Thank you to organizers, Giselle Rivera-Flores and Jaime Flores (In the photo: Jaime  talks street / architecture photography).  Thank you also to Figs & Pigs Kitchen in Worcester,  our wonderful host – great food, seriously. If you’re in Worcester, MA, you should go.

Here are the apps I talked about and a few I didn’t have time to mention but are worth a look.

My go-to apps

Other apps I like

The Reindeer

The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show

Last Monday I got to drop in on The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show at Ralph’s Rock Diner and get some practice shooting photos in challenging light.

I started off with my 50mm lens but found it wasn’t working for me so I switched to my 14mm and am glad I did. I’m pleased with this set because I feel was able to successfully capture the spirit and mood of the show.

I posted the set in color on my Flickr account if you’d like to see those.